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Future of Media Framework

Critical Uncertainties in the Future of Work


The framework should be read from the bottom layer, building from the foundational elements to the broadest levels of impact.

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Pace of AI development across domains
Growth in internet access in developing countries
Pace of growth of on-demand work platforms
Workforce diversity and high-level female work participation
Rising expectations for quality of life and positive impact


Regulation of non-traditional work structures
Availability of continuous and work transition education
Developed world immigration policies
People’s ability to respond to Constant, rapid change
Comfort with AI-driven customer interfaces


Pace of transformation of work design and organizations
Shift to fluid work structures and shorter work weeks
Growth of entrepreneurial employment
Ability of corporations to attract and retain talent
Attrition rate of corporate laggards


Worker share of value creation
Share of permanent jobs in the workforce
Shifts in elderly employment and retirement age
Rise of participatory economy models
Wealth and income polarization


Extent of ‘technological unemployment’
Robustness of social support structures
Role of personal data in society and employment
Broad availability of fulfilling work
Social polarization and unrest