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Crowd Business Models


Crowd Business Models

Crowd Business Models

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Go to Getting Results From Crowds for free book chapters, including Chapter 22 on Crowd Business Models, and more insights on crowdsourcing and crowd business models.

Crowd Business Models Page 1
Media and data
Creation of media, content, and data by crowds.
– Sharing
– Data
– Content
(Quora | Servio | We are Hunted | IMDb | Trend Hunter | Demand Media |

Matching buyers and sellers of services and financing through mechanisms including bidding and competitions.
– Service Marketplaces
– Competition Markets
– Crowdfunding
– Equity crowdfunding
– Microtasks
– Innovation prizes
– Innovation markets
( | 99designs | Kickstarter | Innocentive | oDesk | Amazon Mechanical Turk)

Software and processes to run crowd works and crowd projects, for use with internal or external crowds.
– Crowd platforms
– Idea management
– Prediction markets
(IdeaScale | kluster | Napkin Labs| Spigit | Consensus Point)

Crowd ventures
Ventures that are predominantly driven by crowds, including idea selection, development, and commercialization.
– Crowd ventures
(Sensorica| Globumbus |

Crowd Process
Services that provide value-added processes or aggregation to existing crowds or marketplaces.
– Crowd process
(Data Discoverers | LiveOps | Smartsheet | CrowdFlower | Scalable Workforce)

Crowd Services
Services that are delivered fully or partially by crowds.
– Labor pools
– Managed crowds
(Ideas while you sleep | BzzAgent | GeniusRocket | Thinkspeed | Victor & Spoils | Clickadvisor | uTest)

Tapping crowds to create non-financial value.
– Citizen engagement
– Contribution
– Science
(Kiva |Foldit | Crowdrise | Ushahidi | OpenIDEO)

Content and Product Markets
Sale of content or products that are created, developed, or selected by crowds.
– Content markets
– Crowd design
(Threadless | quirky | MADE.COM | RYZ | redbubble | iStockphoto | Beta Fashion)

Crowd Business Modela Page 2
Transaction fees
Membership fees
Test fees
Pay per task
Product sales
Advertising / Search
Content sales
Packaged services
Custom services

Success factors
Contributor breadth
Contributor quality
Buyer breadth
Buyer quality
Public reputation measures
Internal reputation measures
Project management capabilities
Project management tools
Content monetization model
Quality control