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Ross Dawson is a highly experienced facilitator of leadership and executive development sessions. He designs and runs programs for top executives to extend their strategic thinking capabilities, and is also frequently invited to run future-oriented workshops and sessions within larger leadership programs.

Leadership development


It is critical to continually develop the strategic capabilities of senior and rising executives and leadership teams. In particular executives often get caught up in present, internal, urgent priorities. They need the opportunity to bring their attention to external technological and industry change and long-term strategic thinking, and to learn the mindsets and tools that will enable them to be effective top leaders in a rapidly changing, ambiguous environment.

Approaches include compact participatory workshops within broader executive development programs to introduce perspectives on external change, futures methodologies, and strategic thinking, and to stimulate valuable executive conversations. Alternatively in-depth multi-day programs can take executives on a journey of mapping the future of their industry, developing specific long-term strategy skills, and supporting unbounded scenario thinking.


Ross Dawson was for consecutive years engaged by one of the world’s largest professional services firms to run a three-day scenario planning and strategic thinking program for a group of high-potential leaders from across multiple regions. This was the central strategic thinking workshop as part of a one-year leadership development program for these executives.

One of the world’s largest marketing conglomerates ran a one week leadership program in New York for 40 top leaders from its major agencies across several continents. Ross Dawson ran the first half-day as an in-depth highly participatory session to provide an extremely broad and provocative session on the future of business and society to frame the insights through the week.

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